What is Progressive Smart Haul?

Electronic Logging Devices used for Progressive Smart Haul Program for Truckers

A recent Overdrive article on truck insurance has generated a number of questions including “What is Progressive Smart Haul?”  Here’s what you need to know: Smart Haul is a program that allows Small Motor Carriers and Owner Operators the opportunity to save between 5% and 18% on their truck insurance by allowing Progressive access to […]

2022 Truck Insurance Trends

Truck Insurance Trends for 2022 Shelly Benisch CIS

Well, safe to say the past couple of years have been strange, so what’s in store for Owner Operators and Truck Insurance in 2022? Last Mile Delivery No surprise here, Last Mile Delivery exploded during Covid and continues to grow.  In 2020, the LMD industry was valued at $18.7 billion and it’s expected to grow to […]

Owner Ops – Why Your Truck May Be Under Insured in 2022

Totaled Truck

Savvy Owner Operators know that after an accident, the insurance company will look at the vehicle’s Stated Amount and Actual Cash Value (ACV) and pay whichever IS LESS.  You, the Owner Op, chose the Stated Amount at the start of your Commercial Auto policy.  If your policy started months ago, the figure you chose THEN […]