CDC says Flu Season could be Severe

Yes, if you’re like me when you saw this headline you probably said, “When DON’T they say the Flu Season will be bad?”

Anyway, apparently there is an “A” type strain called H3N2 that is a variety that causes more severe symptoms in play this year.  A lot of the really bad Flu Seasons were H3 years.

If you’ve had your flu shot you should have some protection from H3N2, but it’s not guaranteed.  It takes 2 weeks for the flu vaccine to become fully effective, but we all know February and March can be tough months especially if you’re getting in and out of your truck in cold, damp weather.

In the meantime, Congress has made the first move towards scrapping Obamacare as the Senate voted to instruct key committees to draft legislation to repeal it.  I’ll report back when I know more about what they plan to replace it with when I can.

(If they stick with current plans to have each individual state establish a subsidized pool for those with pre-existing conditions, it should work kind of like state pools set up for people who can’t find affordable home insurance due to problems with a house.)

Shelly Benisch

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