CIS Casino Night at Expo 2017

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Expedite Expo Updates

I say enough work…it’s time to PLAY!  Let’s blast off a new season and celebrate our positive momentum at Expedite Expo in Lexington, KY July 14th.  CIS Casino Night is our way or thanking our Owner Operators and Motor Carriers for their support.  So let’s kick back and have some fun together Friday night!

D.J. Rick with Premier Casino Events is back, and he promises to keep everyone moving with music and entertaining contests throughout the night.

We’ll be expanding once again for more games, dancing and play gambling including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Texas Hold ‘Em.

Prize pledges are coming in now from motor carriers, fleet owners and vendors asking how they can contribute to give back to all of YOU, the drivers who make AMERICA MOVE.

So whether you’re an Owner Operator, Fleet Owner or Motor Carrier – Give yourself a little vacation and come out and play…you deserve it.

The Expo starts Friday with various interesting trucking workshops that begin at 8:00 am.

(I’ll have one on insurance Friday morning at 9:00 and Christina (CC) will be moderating a roundtable discussion on Networking Friday at 10:00 and Saturday at 1:00.  Please join us.)


Check out these generous Prize Donations from last year:


All State Express                                                2 $100 MasterCards

Andy Mohr Truck Center                                 5 $50 Steakhouse Gift Cards

Apex Capital                                                        2 $50 VISA Cards

Bolt Express                                                        $175 Various Gift Cards

CIS                                                                         Casino Night Sponsor, $800 gift cards

Expediters Online                                               GRAND PRIZE – Big Flat Screen TV

Fed Ex Custom Critical                                      6 $50 Best Buy Gift Cards

Fleet Engineers                                                   Cargo Bar

Full Circle TMS                                                   Custom painting of Secretariat, 2 qts Maple Syrup

FYDA Freightliner                                              $100 VISA Card

Ground Flight                                                      Complete Camping Gear w/ grill/chairs/coolers etc

Little Truck Solutions                                       $50 VISA Card

Landstar Transportation                                  2 $100 VISA Cards & Tool/Laundry Bags

Load One LLC                                                     2 $100 Bills Cash + GRAND PRIZE $300 Cash

M & S Feidt (Mitch & Shelly)                           4 $50 VISA Cards

Millhouse Logistics                                             $100 Cash

Movin’ Out Newspaper                                      2 $75 Gift Cards

National Truckin’ Magazine                             2 $50 Gift Cards

Old Town Express LLC                                     10 $50 Gift Cards

Omnitracs/Sylectus                                           1 $100 VISA Card

Panther Premium Logistics                             4 $50 TA & Pilot Gift Cards

Premier Truck Group Knoxville                       1 $50 Gift Card

Premium Transportation Logistics                  5 $50 Gift Cards + GRAND PRIZE $500

Randall Reilly                                                       Huge Cooler

Roadrunner Expedite                                          1 $50 Walmart Card

Square One Transport                                         5 $50 Walmart Cards

Stoops Specialty Trucks                                      GRAND PRIZE – Huge Aluminum Tool Box

TA & Petro Stopping Centers                             5 $50 Cards, 1 $50 Card + GRAND PRIZE $500

Tafel Motors                                                          Personalized Louisville Slugger Bat

Team Run Smart                                                  Nutri Bullet Blender for healthier life on the road!

Tenpoint Expediting Services                            2 $100 Walmart Gift Cards

Tri-State Expediting                                             4 Plug In Coolers

Trucks by Design LLC                                         $100 Gift Card

TNT Expedited Services (Tom & Tina)           $50 Gift Card

TST Expedited Services                                      2 $50 Gift Cards

Try Hours                                                             $100 Cash

REGISTER NOW for the Expo, and see you Friday July 14th at 7:00 pm for 2017 CIS Casino Night!

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