The Best Load Board for Cargo Vans, Sprinters, Straight Trucks…and Newbies

by | May 24, 2022 | Help small Motor Carriers with USDOT authority and obtaining loads, Risky Business Truck Insurance Advice

Finding the Best Load Board for Cargo Vans, Sprinters and Straight Trucks has always been a daily question from newbies we insure.

Once an Independent Contractor is ESTABLISHED,  a case can be made for ALL the recognizable load boards.

But for someone brand NEW into Expediting, Hotshot or Trucking…it can be difficult to find loads.


Leasing on to an established Motor Carrier is always an option, and it’s a good way to get your feet wet to see if you even LIKE hauling freight for a living. 


But for some Owner Ops and Motor Carriers, the question we hear every day is “What is the Best Load Board for Cargo Vans, Sprinters and Straight Trucks.” has been around for over ten years now, and the feedback we receive from Independent Contractors is always positive.  No griping, no complaints, ever.

I point this out because the same cannot be said about Load Boards that tend to focus on Big Rigs vs the smaller units.

The My Virtual Fleet positive user testimonials on the website appear sincere regarding the quality of loads received, and inhouse we can confirm via Insurance Cert requests the frequency of those loads.


That says something about the ease of use on Sam Munitz’s Web Portal platform and Mobile App.

It’s a simple Smart Phone system that uses GPS and Google Earth to provide load board, deadhead board, tracking, notification and compliance solutions.

The Broker side allows for personalized and private segmenting that is similar to other major load boards…see the My Virtual Fleet Broker YouTube.


Driver or Carrier, if you’re looking for a straightforward easy and affordable solution to get loads for Cargo Vans, Sprinters or Straight Trucks, I believe it’s worth your time to check out


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