Amazon Freight and Uber Freight for Owner Operators and small Motor Carriers

by | May 19, 2017 | Articles, Best Truck Insurance News

Two stories broke this week that should be of interest to Owner Operators and small Motor Carriers.

  1. The WSJ Logistics Report offered an expose on Amazon’s push into furniture delivery as one of the fastest growing segments of U.S. online retail.
  2. CCJ and other outlets unveiled that Uber has officially entered the freight-matching market with an Uber Freight platform.

Amazon has two options for hauling their freight.

“Amazon Flex” is for smaller units to deliver packages locally.

“Amazon Middle Mile Providers” is for Satisfactory rated USDOT carriers for larger, longer hauls.


Uber Freight also requires Satisfactory Rated USDOT carriers to operate within their freight network. Their contract also asks you if drivers can book their own loads, what region you prefer and whether you are willing to haul in and out of Texas.

Clearly both entities are embracing Smart Phone technology for Just In Time Delivery freight matching for their customers.

Contracts vary on insurance limit requirements, so be sure to read the fine lines or ask your professional truck insurance agent for help so you’re not spinning your wheels wondering why you didn’t get a load!

It’s important to note that U.S. industrial output rose sharply in April for the largest gain in more than three years.  This strong economic performance along with innovative communication point to evolution in transportation for Owner Operators and Motor Carriers.

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