Box Truck & Straight Truck Insurance

box truck insurance
Box Trucks and Straight Trucks are used to haul all kinds of cargo in both general trucking and the expediting trucking for hire niche.

What kind of commercial insurance do I need to haul Freight for Hire in a Straight Truck or Box Truck?

Commercial Insurance for Straight Trucks and Box Trucks is very industry standard at this point.  In other words, it’s hard to get a load if you can’t prove you have at least this coverage somewhere*:

Primary Commercial Auto Liability$1,000,000 CSL

* If the Owner Operator has “leased on” to a bigger Motor Carrier, then the Motor Carrier provides the Primary Commercial Auto Liability.  Per contract, the Owner Operator is still responsible for providing “Non-Trucking Liability” which means he’s insuring himself while not operating on behalf of the Motor Carrier.

Non-Trucking Liability” costs much less because it’s only part time coverage.  (link)

“Primary” Commercial Auto Liability costs much more because it insures 24/7.

If the Owner Operator of the Straight Truck has chosen to obtain his own DOT number and operate under his own authority then he is responsible for “Primary” Commercial Auto Liability.


How much does commercial insurance cost for a box truck or straight truck?

Premiums vary WIDELY from state to state. Obvious factors like the following come into play.
  • driving record
  • value of your unit
  • radius of operation
  • and yes, credit
  Read our list of 10 tips to reduce your premiums.
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