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Read on to see what our long term clients throughout the USA  have to say about us being the best commercial truck insurance company out there.

I’ve been with the company a long time they’ve always been prompt and treated me with good business relations I’m a little slow when I’m asking them to do something and they always are patient just great people to be in business with.
I worked with different insurance companies but by FAR CIS is the best insurance company I dealt with, they respond to emails within minutes. Very professional insurance agents.
I’ve been blessed to work with Kelly Marxen and the C.I.S. Team for years in regards to my truck insurance. They have been World Class. Great product, great value, GREAT TEAM!
We went to at least 4 different agent companies before finding them and they were the best…very professional and the best quotes.
We’ve been with CIS since March of 2012, and they save us tons of stress over coverage and rates. Very competitive and they certainly take the extra steps to make sure we are well informed, covered, legal & safe. I stopped even shopping years ago. It doesn’t take long, talking to other brokers, to tell that all other brokers have no interest in doing the extra work as CIS does. Thanks a ton Shelly, John, Kelly, Christina, Rachel and the rest!!!! FIVE STARS!
CIS has taken excellent care of my insurance needs for over a decade now. Rachel has all ways answered my questions promptly and has always been as nice and professional as possible. I cant say if they are the cheapest but it wouldn’t matter to me, I’m not going anywhere else for my truck insurance.
As always, CIS has been so helpful with my commercial truck insurance. In my 20+ years professional driving experience they have proven time and again to be head and shoulders above the rest. Five Stars!
I don’t know where to start with this company, so I’ll begin with the customer service. Everyone there is incredible however Christina is my ace in the hole!! I suggest you quit your current provider and take out a policy with Commercial Insurance Solutions. I’ve been a customer service manager for 22 years in corporate America so needless to say I know how customers are supposed to be treated and they do the job the way the job is supposed to be done! In 2021 the worst tornado hit my small town here in Mayfield Kentucky and I tell you Commercial Insurance Solutions was there for me 1000%! I’m always needing something (Christina, I know I get on your nerves but you always make me feel like I’m not:) …you always have the solution for me everytime! Solution should be your middle name. Let me take this moment in time to say thank you Christina and to all your counter parts that help me when you’re not available. I TRULY APPRECIATE YOU ALL for always being there for me… Thank you sincerely, Elaine
I work in the expedited freight industry and deal with CIS on a regular basis. They consistently exceed my expectations and are hands down the best insurance company I’ve ever used. They are courteous, prompt and work very hard to provide competitive rates to owner operators. I know when I refer a driver to CIS they will receive be taken care of and receive excellent customer service!
CIS are great company to work with them, they are always ready to assist you and find the best option for customers. The ladies that work there are professional and they are on top of the business. Am happy to have opportunities to work with them. Great job!
CIS has provided my company with outstanding quality service for several years now. Their staff is professional and responds quickly should you have any questions or concerns related to their services. I have appreciated their exceptional customer service and will continue to use them in the future. I highly recommend CIS to any potential clients or anyone interested in working with a quality based transportation insurance agency.
These people are true professionals in the business. Always ready and able to fill your questions with positive answers and in-depth information. At renewal time they always lead the pack with the best rates. I am almost to the point of not wasting my time getting multiple bids for annual renewals.
You are the best truck insurance agents out there, hand down, I will never leave CIS no matter what!
I just wanted to give you a quick update on the total loss claim for the 2006 Freightliner. Josh Sanders is the Claims Adjuster. What an awesome job he has done. He made this as quick and stress free as I’ve ever seen. 6 days after the accident and payment has been made and sent to the lienholder. It is also a very fair settlement. I am so pleased! Times like this make me so glad to be with you guys!
We have been using CIS for many years for our commercial insurance needs. They are incredibly fast to act on an insurance policy, usually within a few minutes after receiving the documents. They also have incredible knowledge reviewing different leases to determine the proper insurance needs. If we can qualify drivers they can save us money. We consider them a valuable asset to our business. The staff is always courteous and professional.
Really help you get the best coverage at the best price. Aces & Straights.
Very nice personal to work with. Thanks for always helping me. 5 Stars
Tina and I would like to thank all of you for your diligence in taking care of all our insurance needs. As fleet owners, we sometimes have special needs and more than the average number of changes to our policies. It’s nice to know that one call takes care of it, and we don’t have to worry. The coverage you provide is above and beyond “peace of mind”. Knowing that you and your staff are on top of it makes our worries a lot less. We find great comfort in knowing you have our backs. Keep up the great work you do for us and for the trucking industry. It is much appreciated!
As a new owner operator I had a ton of questions and the Team at CIS were super helpful getting them answered and setting me up with the appropriate coverage for my business. As a customer they continue to support me and react to my needs expediently. I can’t stress enough how professional the team at CIS is and how quickly they react when you need something.
Christina and Kelly are amazingly fast and always helpful.
Christina handled in a very timely manner. CIS helped out again.
Christina was very knowledgeable and help me get the best bang for my buck.
Sarkis Freight, Inc. is a family owned business that thrives on creating new and long lasting partnerships. We consider our drivers as partners because we understand it is difficult to do anything without a great support system behind you. WE are blessed to have created a partnership with CIS, and we are grateful for the support they have shown us! The staff is exceptional and go above and beyond expectations. Without their support, Sarkis Freight would not be the company it is today.
I have been with CIS since I started my business in 2017 they have always gotten me great rates. And you’re a person here not a number.
I have been doing business with them for about eleven years. Last year we had a one in a million issue with another insurance company – the carrier for a driver that hit my truck. Without going into the details, the Owner John went above and beyond the call of duty to resolve the predicament I was in.
Christina, You have done such a great job. It’s going to be an amazing weekend for so many families because of you. My brother has 2 kids, our drivers’ wife is pregnant with their first baby and I’m hungry for success. We will be able to make everyone’s lives better because of your efforts. Think about that when you go to sleep tonight, you have made that kind of difference!
John and Shelly have a top notch team. Fran and I have been with CIS for 5 years and 2 trucks. They have always had our back. John and Shelly are great people. Always friendly and do amazing work for the Expedite Industries drivers. Can’t wait for casino night at the Expo. Thanks you guys for everything.
Best insurance agents we have ever used, been in the business over 15 years and never had agents as attentive and helpful as these . Recommended 100%.
Shelly has been my most important help for Expediting industry info. She hooked me up with my companies and then got me insurance at great rates! I couldn’t do this biz without CIS (they also throw great Casino Nights!)