Owner Operator Truck Insurance

We help owner operators get the
best commercial truck insurance.

CIS is a family owned Transportation Insurance Agency dedicated to “the little guy” with true personal service since 2002. At CIS it’s all about YOU driving pro!

We insure owner operators and small motor carriers with all kinds of units under all kinds of contracts hauling all kinds of cargo all over the country.

Our goal is to help independent contractors like you grow your small business safely and profitably with insurance protection that is affordable and easy to understand.

Have you had trouble contacting your agent when you have a question?  Is there anyone there to help you recover your lost trucking revenue when someone hits you?

We shop with multiple transportation insurance companies so whether you’re a new start up owner operator or an established motor carrier, we have a competitive insurance package for you.

Are you an owner operator ready to become a Motor Carrier with USDOT number looking to discuss the Pros and Cons?

Our small team of Transportation Risk Specialists can help you with all these challenges.  We all know you by name and are excited to help you and your families succeed.

Helping you keep up to date with transportation industry news, trucking workshops and one-on-one attention is what we do all day.  (Check out Overdrive’s article on our last workshop.)

We can help you connect and communicate with the important players in the chain of freight because we’re the #1 trusted provider of protection for independent contractors like you.

Your job is to succeed and grow.  We love helping you do just that. 🙂

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best commercial truck insurance for you.