Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Are you overpaying for your Motor Truck Cargo Insurance? Let us help you!

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance covers the freight you are hauling for your customers.

It insures the value of your cargo in the event of:  Theft, Fire, Collision, Striking of Load.
Most policies also include Debris Removal, Pollution Cleanup, Earned Freight, Sue & Labor Clause and Equipment Protection.

The Motor Truck Cargo you need depends on...

…the value and type of commodities you’re hauling. 

There are about 12 major categories of freight, and dozens more subcategories.

Many Owner Operators unnecessarily overpay for their cargo policy by choosing General Freight. 

We help you only pay for what you need to protect your customers at the least cost to you.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Think About It...

In the same example we used for your Liability Coverage and Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo Coverage protects you and your customer.

You're in the right hand lane driving on heavy traffic when a speeding car weaves in front of you and out again to pass the slow car in the left lane.

The driver of the slow car panics and pulls into your lane, causing your front left bumper to spin him out of control back into his lane with other oncoming traffic.

Another car slams their brakes to avoid the spinout.

You pull sharply to the right but overturn, sliding several yards and splitting the side of your truck open spilling boxes of freight everywhere.

Upon inspection, the auto parts you were hauling for your customer are damaged and unusable.

Because this accident example was deemed everyone’s fault, Motor Truck Cargo pays for the damage and loss of your customer's auto parts.

In this case, your coverage to protect you and your customer falls under Motor Truck Cargo Insurance.

Motor Truck Cargo pays for the damage and loss of your customer's freight.


FMCSA insurance regulations on cargo do not affect most Trucking for Hire operations.  Your customer is what drives the amount of cargo insurance you carry.  In a few cases it can be as low as $5,000 in coverage, but industry standard is $100,000 Motor Truck Cargo to bid on most freight.   This includes Cargo Van and Sprinter Insurance.

$100,000 Motor Truck Cargo can fluctuate anywhere between $500 and $4,000 per year.  This is why we help you determine how much cargo and what category of freight you’re hauling.  We also review this with you at each renewal.

HotShots are often required to carry $250,000 in coverage by their customers.  The premium usually runs between $1,500 and $2,500 per year.

Learn more about Hot shot insurance here.

Reefer insures your freight for loss due to spoilage or change in temperature.  Reefer coverage is an endorsement that must be added to your standard Motor Truck Cargo policy.  The cost depends on the value and fragility of the freight.

Learn more about motor truck cargo insurance.

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