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Are you an Owner Operator or Trucking Company looking for true professional transportation insurance advice to protect yourself and comply with FMCSA?  Then look no further.

MCIEF is the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation headed up by the Kingpin of Truck Insurance and frequently quoted Tommy Ruke, TRS, CIC.

This was our 6th year for the MCIEF conference which has grown to 459 attendees, 37 educational speakers and 5 special guests.  Attendees are the professionals truly committed to understanding and then advising on everything you need to know about truck insurance, truck crash predictions and the changing future of CSA.

MCIEF offers in-depth continuing education to obtain and maintain the “TRS”, Transportation Risk Specialist Certification.

Be sure to look for the “TRS” designation on your insurance agent’s card and communications to ensure you are working with a fully trained MCIEF truck insurance expert.

Keeping in mind that most Truck Insurance Pros work in multiple states, here’s how to find the Best Transportation Risk Specialist Near You:

2018 MCIEF Annual Conference Attendees            October 4-5, 2018 in Orlando, Florida

Name Company Location
Acrey, Brad IAT Insurance Group NC
Agarwal, Manish Golden Land Transportation Insurance CA
Aguiar, Marie Metropolitan Insurance Services FL
Algee, Leslie ProSight Specialty Insurance GA
Allen, Brad Hadley & Lyden FL
Allen, Brad AmWINS Group GA
Ancker, Erin RT Specialty NY
Andrews, R. Kelley Rush Truck Insurance Services FL
Andrews, Tracy AmWINS Group TN
Andrisiunaite, Jurgita Goodwill Financial IL
Annan, Mitchell RT Specialty MO
Antrim, Angela Marquis Agency NJ
Archer, Andrew Great American Insurance Group NC
Archey, Susan Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance TN
Austin, Darin Austin Insurance Services KY
Austin, Jason Crum & Forster PA
Avery, Lorie Risk Placement Services NC
Axelrod, Andrew TIAdvisors GA
Balongue, Brian R & R Insurance Services WI
Barnhart, Stephanie CTC Transportation Insurance Services MO
Barnhill, Jeff Northland Insurance Company GA
Batson, Rhonda McGriff Insurance Services SC
Bauer, Wesley AmWINS Group TX
Beck, Timothy Great American Insurance Group OH
Bedoya, Antonio Metropolitan Insurance Services FL
Bee, Kimberly HUB International Transportation Insurance TN
Beecher, Dennis Interstate Insurance Management PA
Bell, Tina “Nicki” Rush Truck Insurance Services TX
Benisch, Jonathan Commercial Insurance Solutions OH
Benisch, Shelly Commercial Insurance Solutions OH
Bianchi, Sam Northland Insurance Company CT
Bishop, Tammi BXS Insurance SC
Blancher, Andy ISO NJ
Bocanegra, Melissa AmWINS Group TX
Bolduc, Lynn HUB International Transportation Insurance FL
Boling, Jimmy Morgan, Trevathan & Gunn KY
Borris, Tonya The Campbell Group MI
Bowling, Zach AmWINS Group IL
Bramucker, Angie Nationwide E & S WI
Bren Medlin, Amber International Excess Companies AZ
Bren, Richard International Excess Companies AZ
Brenton, Bill Litchfield Special Risks TX
Brooks, Derek W.E. Love & Associates NC
Brown, Andrew AmWINS Group AL
Brown, Dana Bolton & Company KY
Bryan, Michelle McGriff Insurance Services GA
Bukovinsky, Maria International Excess Companies OH
Bumper, Maria Transportation Insurance Experts GA
Burch, Phil Seneca Insurance Company GA
Burger, Mark Amerisafe WI
Burke, Ryan Canopius US Insurance, Inc. IL
Burnette, Ken Benton and Parker Co. GA
Buttimer, Pamela McGriff Insurance Services GA
Cain, Gene’ Transportation Insurance Experts GA
Callender, Scott Risk Placement Services MN
Cantrell, Beau Brown & Riding GA
Cardew, Steven USI Insurance FL
Carlisle, Robert Hull & Company TX
Carlough, David Johnson & Johnson SC
Carr, Steven Shoff Darby Companies CT
Carson, Andrew Burns & Wilcox TX
Carter, Jason IAT Insurance Group NC
Castle, Kim Lancer Insurance FL
Caughron, Mark Strickland Insurance Brokers NC
Charland, Jenny RIG Insurance Services VT
Chase, Richard Southern Insurance Underwriters NC
Cheek, Paige W.E. Love & Associates NC
Chrupcala, Matthew Optisure Risk Partners FL
Chung, Jimmy SCU FL
Cleary, Shawn Haylor, Freyer & Coon NY
Clegg, Bernie CoEfficient Underwriters OK
Clements, Dan Sentry Insurance WI
Cleveland, Monica AmWINS Group TX
Collins, Mark Auto-Owners Insurance NC
Conwell, Jerry AmWINS Group TX
Cook, Olivia Cook Insurance Group TX
Cooley, Laurie AmWINS Group IL
Copeland, Stephen Reliance Partners TN
Cornejo, Millie TIAdvisors CA
Cornell, Scott Travelers Insurance AZ
Cotta, Luhara CTC Transportation Insurance Services NJ
Cozzolino, Mary Northern Insurance Service, Ltd. IL
Creager, John DMC Insurance IN
Crist, Melanie HUB International Transportation Insurance ID
Cummings, Ken The Campbell Group MI
Currier, Lesley Great Lakes General Agency FL
Curtin, Brittney Strickland Insurance Brokers NC
Curtis, Thomas Arthur J. Gallagher UT
Cwirka, Lauren Crum & Forster FL
Dattilio, Josh TIAdvisors FL
Daunt, Neal Strategic Insurance Underwriters FL
Davis, Douglas Eastern Atlantic Insurance Company PA
Davis, Steve Rutherfoord/a Marsh & McLennan Agency VA
DeFrances, Jordan Interstate Insurance Management PA
DeJesus, Tony Eastern Atlantic Insurance Company FL
DeLaFuente, Marc PJC Insurance Agency MO
Dennie, Shane Blue Ridge Specialty SC
Dent, Jennifer McGriff Insurance Services GA
Dickerson, Brenda Risk Placement Services MD
Dickinson, Andrea AmWINS Group TN
Dickinson, Scott TrueNorth Companies IA
Donahue, Pam Med James KS
Donahue, Tim Fitts Agency AL
Donnelly, Dan Donnelly International Insurance Brokers FL
Donohoo, Ethan Morgan, Trevathan & Gunn KY
Dougherty, Chris Lancer Insurance FL
Dow, Christopher Northern Insurance Service, Ltd. IL
Dreessen, Kent Stieg & Associates MT
Drwal, Ewa PDL Broker, Inc. IL
Easton, Andrew AmWINS Group IN
Edwards, Michael Marquis Agency NJ
Ellis, Sharolyn SCU SC
Erlandson, David Joe Morten & Son Inc. SD
Escudero, Sandy Litchfield Special Risks TX
Evans, Julie Insurance Specialists Team MN
Farley, Kevin Morgan, Trevathan & Gunn KY
Feeney, Peter SCU Transportation ME
Feldbusch, Mitchell Lancer Insurance FL
Felde, Lizette Scottsdale Insurance NC
Ferrer, Cesar Metropolitan Insurance Services FL
Finn, Kevin Travelers Insurance OH
Fitzgerald, Becky Lancer Insurance AL
Flaherty, Gary Nationwide E & S AZ
Flake, Jennifer Myron Steves TX
Flanagan, Cynthia Condon-Meek Insurance FL
Fleming, Katie Carolina Casualty FL
Fletcher, Jason TOPA Insurance CA
Flores, Kate Marquis Agency NJ
Foree, Scott Marsh McLennan Agency TX
Foulks, Jim TQ Logistics GA
Foust, Kevin USI Insurance FL
Fox, Tanya Great Lakes General Agency FL
Frazier, James Heritage Insurance Service KY
Fritz, Sandi J.M. Wilson Corp. MI
Fuhr, Kevin AmWINS Group IL
Gaches, Travis Graham – Rogers, Inc. OK
Gard, Nolan Creative Underwriters IN
Gibson, Gary Coastal Brokers CA
Givens, Michael Carolina Casualty FL
Glenn, John W.E. Love & Associates NC
Glover, Dustin Threlkeld and Company Insurance TX
Godwin, Melton TIAdvisors FL
Goins, Kelly Amerisafe LA
Gomez, Juan Stay Kalm TX
Goode, Lynette Raymond Nelson Insurance KY
Goode, Ron Truckload Carriers Association D.C.
Gordon, Michael Blue Ridge Specialty SC
Goschen, Melissa Erickson-Larsen ND
Gramm, Michael Hallmark Financial Services TX
Grass, Deanna Lancer Insurance FL
Gregory, Ronnie Cobbs, Allen & Hall of Louisiana LA
Groff, Chris Sentry Insurance NC
Gulden, Dan National Indemnity Company IA
Gunn, Chris Morgan, Trevathan & Gunn KY
Haafke, Brant RT Specialty MO
Haase, Becky Auto-Owners Insurance IA
Hall, Jarrell Canal Insurance Company SC
Hambrecht, Ronald Gateway Acentria FL
Hancock, Eden Risk Placement Services GA
Handy, Nicholas TIAdvisors FL
Hardy, Christopher Querbes & Nelson LA
Harmon, Stuart AmWINS Group NC
Harrison, Angela Nationwide E & S AZ
Hart, Josh Worldwide Facilities MI
Harvey, Tiffany Messer Bowers Company OK
Hathaway, Douglas ProSight Specialty Insurance GA
Heinemeyer, Denise Nationwide E & S MN
Helms, Keith McGriff Insurance Services GA
Hemmer, Edward InsuranceHub Agency GA
Henkel, Amber National Indemnity Company NE
Hernandez, Jorge Southeastern Insurance Associates GA
Hernandez, Samantha Southeastern Insurance Associates GA
Hicks, Eric Great Lakes General Agency NC
Hinman, Travis Atlantic / Smith, Cropper & Deeley MD
Hoffman, Cara Burns & Wilcox IN
Holbrook, Allison Risk Placement Services ME
Holcomb, David Canal Insurance Company FL
Holman, Tanya AmWINS Group TX
Honea, Chris Transportation Insurance Experts GA
Hrubiec, Chris Lancer Insurance FL
Hughes, Thomas Great West Casualty Company IN
Hurt, Teri Auto-Owners Insurance MO
Hutchins, Christina USI Insurance NC
Hutelmyer, Joe AmWINS Group NC
Hutelmyer, Liam AmWINS Group NC
Ice, Jeffrey Risk Strategies OH
Imschweiler, David DJI Insurance Brokerage PA
Itzinger, Robert RT Specialty CA
Iverson, Mark AmWINS Group CA
James, Med Med James KS
Jaquet, Olga Pini Insurance FL
Jarosch, Sharon DMC Insurance WI
Jenkins, Ian Besso Insurance Group UK
Jenkins, Joe Southeastern Insurance Associates GA
Jenks, Brenda ProSight Specialty Insurance GA
Jimenez, Jana Rush Truck Insurance Services TX
Johnson, Pam The Campbell Group MI
Johnston, Nancy Nationwide E & S DE
Jones, Shannon Transtar Insurance Brokers CO
Joyce, Jim National Truck Underwriting Managers MN
Kantmann, Adam W.E. Love & Associates NC
Karpinski, Patrick AmWINS Group TN
Kendall, Courtney Transportation Insurors IN
Kerpon, Gina SCU TX
Keyes, Franklin Southern Insurance Specialist MS
Keyes, Houston Southern Insurance Specialist MS
Keyes, Peter Southern Insurance Specialist MS
Kidd, Matt Great Lakes General Agency OH
King, Amanda Hylant IN
Klingenberg, Karter TrueNorth Companies MI
Klingenberg, Keith TrueNorth Companies MI
Knotts, Christopher Cobbs, Allen & Hall of Louisiana LA
Knotts, Mike Cobbs, Allen & Hall of Louisiana LA
Koeberlein, Megan Risk Placement Services KY
Koenigs, Tom Joe Morten & Son Inc. IA
Kolquist, Jennifer Cartier Agency MN
Kostelac, Keith Service Insurance Agency SC
Kreutzer, Kevin AmWINS Group NC
Krueger, Chad Central Analysis Bureau WI
Lack, Craig Carrier Software DE
Ladebauche, Andrew Reliance Partners TN
Larson, Andrew National Truck Underwriting Managers MN
Larson, Rebecca Hudson Insurance Group IN
Leija, Clara Litchfield Special Risks TX
Lewis-Lipscomb, Brenda Brown & Brown of Florida FL
Lichter, Philip Armor Insurance Professionals NY
Liggon, Jessica Timmermann Insurance NC
Light, David TIAdvisors OR
Light, Diane TIAdvisors FL
Light, Scott TIAdvisors FL
Lindsey, David Morgan, Trevathan & Gunn KY
Litterio, Dan AmWINS Group IL
Lloyd, Jim InsuranceHub Agency GA
Locklin, Jay Johnson – Locklin AL
Locklin, Thomas Johnson – Locklin AL
Lockwood, Michael TIAdvisors IL
Loggie, Christopher AmWINS Group IL
Lott, Monica InsuranceHub Agency GA
Love, John W.E. Love & Associates NC
Lyden, Scott Hadley & Lyden FL
Lytle, Robert Interline Risk Services, Inc. GA
MacInnes, Marci The John Galt Insurance Agency FL
Mackay, Hamish Threlkeld and Company Insurance TX
Mahabir, Priscillia Seacoast Underwriters FL
Maki, Sonja Strickland Insurance Brokers NC
Mallett, Terry River City Insurance MO
Manfrede, Judy Clemens & Associates FL
Mapes, Kristy National Advantage Insurance Services CA
Marlow, Cassandra Strategic Insurance Underwriters FL
Marquis, Michael SCU Scarborough ME
Martin, James AXIS Capital GA
Martin, Michael Morgan, Trevathan & Gunn KY
Matos, Rick The Campbell Group FL
Matthews, Peter IAT Insurance Group CT
Matzke, Michele Nationwide E & S WI
McCann, Robert Bay Shore Insurance DE
McCartha, Paula HUB International Transportation Insurance FL
McCloskey, Charles Risk Placement Services NJ
McFarlain, George HUB International Transportation Insurance LA
McGee, James AmWINS Group GA
McIntyre, Carole Nationwide E & S MN
McKillip, Timaree National Indemnity Company NE
McNamara, Collin TrueNorth Companies IA
Meek, Trace Condon-Meek Insurance FL
Milburn, Amy Crum & Forster MO
Miller, Andy Hallmark Financial Services TX
Miller, Clark Connell Insurance MO
Miller, Holly Hallmark Financial Services TX
Miller, Rae Ann Nationwide E & S AZ
Mills, Andrew TrueNorth Companies IA
Minor, Vicki AmWINS Group NC
Mitchell, Chris Western States Insurance Group NM
Mitchell, Clara McGriff Insurance Services GA
Mitchell, Mike Risk Placement Services NC
Monks, Donna Peoples United Insurance CT
Morales, Richard Hallmark Financial Services TX
Murphy, Roger Westchester PA
Murphy, Travis Great American Insurance Group NC
Neal, Jodi HUB International Transportation Insurance TX
Nealey, Brenda Risk Placement Services ME
Needler, Cindy Auto-Owners Insurance IN
Neff, Bill 5Star Specialty Programs FL
Nelson, Dorothy McGriff Insurance Services GA
Newburg, David HDV Insurance FL
Nixon, Bruce Rush Truck Insurance Services TX
Nunn, Chris DMC Insurance IN
Obregon, James Crum & Forster FL
O’Brien, Tim TIAdvisors SC
O’Gara, Chris Integritas Insurance Group AZ
O’Leary, Erin Shelly, Middlebrooks & O’Leary FL
Olson, Matt Secura Insurance Companies WI
Osuyah, Emmanuel Alpha Direct Agency NY
Overbey, Roger River City Insurance MO
Pace, Derek RT Specialty MO
Pace, Paul Integrity Insurance FL
Padags, Eric SCU Transportation FL
Palmer, Brooks Morgan, Trevathan & Gunn KY
Panter, Josh AmWINS Group IN
Papper, Darryl Besso Insurance Group UK
Parikh, Saagar Marquis Agency NJ
Parker, Curtis Benton and Parker Co. SC
Parker, Frank Benton and Parker Co. GA
Parker, Perry Cobbs, Allen & Hall of Louisiana TX
Patel, Suman TIAdvisors AZ
Pavlik, Ryan Stoutamire-Pavlik & Associates FL
Pavluk, Polly The Campbell Group FL
Peltier, Jaimie Nationwide E & S AZ
Peplinski, Joseph Haylor, Freyer & Coon NY
Perew, Bob Canal Insurance Company IN
Perez, Tony Honor Capital FL
Perry, Kimberly IAT Insurance Group NC
Perry, Luci Risk Placement Services IN
Pettit, Robert Arthur J. Gallagher UT
Phelan, Todd Phelan Insurance Agency OH
Piche, Elizabeth Risk Placement Services ME
Piekenbrock, Olivia AmWINS Group IL
Pistone, Michael National Indemnity Company CA
Pleasants, Ennis Great American Insurance Group NC
Polur, Lou Condon-Meek Insurance FL
Price, Todd Sr. Eastern Atlantic Insurance Company PA
Prins, Timothy FDI Management PA
Proffitt, Jimmy RPS Transportation NC
Quattrone, Jenna World Insurance Associates NJ
Quinn, Patrick Haylor, Freyer & Coon NY
Rahal, Mustapha The John Galt Insurance Agency FL
Ramczyk, Randy Sentry Insurance WI
Ramirez, Ronda Allianze Insurance Agency TX
Ramirez, Vince Allianze Insurance Agency TX
Ramsey, Cody Rush Truck Insurance Services TX
Ravlin, Brad RIG Insurance Services VT
Ravlin, Les RIG Insurance Services VT
Reagin, Alison RIS Truck Insurance FL
Rechtzigel, Brian Northland Insurance Company MN
Reddy, Sandy AmWINS Group GA
Reed, Steve Great Lakes General Agency NC
Reynolds, Veronica HUB International Transportation Insurance CA
Rhein, Rod Nationwide E & S MN
Richards, Chrisann InsuranceHub Agency GA
Richman, Steven Nationwide E & S AZ
Ricketts, Kyle Risk Placement Services UT
Rider, Colin FDI Management PA
Robbins, Merrilee The Buckner Company UT
Roberts, Rebecca Burns & Wilcox IN
Robles, Alex CRC Insurance Services TX
Roemer, Wellington “Rocky” Roemer Insurance OH
Rogala, Jill Bridge Insurance Group MI
Rutkowski, Ashley TBS Factoring Services OK
Saeger, Nick Sentry Insurance WI
Scarborough, Scarlette Benton and Parker Co. AL
Schoerner, Dene Southern Insurance Underwriters GA
Schowe, Tiana HDV Insurance SC
Schroeder, Derrick Nationwide E & S MN
Schuberg, Gabriel Glen A. Schuberg, Inc. CA
Schuberg, Gary Glen A. Schuberg, Inc. CA
Schwartz, Robert “Denny” Roemer Insurance OH
Seaton, Henry Seaton & Husk,, L.P. FL
Seidl, John Reliance Partners WI
Sergent, Holly C.T. Lowndes & Company SC
Serrano, Erick National Indemnity Company CA
Silva, Jenna Transtar Insurance Brokers AZ
Silverman, Steve Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance MA
Simkins, Andy Worldwide Facilities IL
Simpkins, Elizabeth Travelers Insurance MO
Simpson, Evan Worldwide Facilities IL
Sirois, Julie SCU ME
Sivers, Ali Haylor, Freyer & Coon NY
Slezak, Chris CRC Wholesale Insurance Group IA
Smith, Dave Great Lakes General Agency OH
Smith, Duane TrueNorth Companies IA
Smith, Lance PJC Insurance Agency MO
Smith, Libby AmWINS Group NC
Snyder, Nicole NRS Consulting IL
Solis, Fernando Rush Truck Insurance Services TX
Spalinger, David Stewart Short Insurance Services GA
Spitz, Reid HDV Insurance CA
Sprayberry, Shari HUB International Transportation Insurance TN
Staebell, Christopher C.S. Risk Management MO
Stalnaker, Tami TEC Equipment OR
Stang, Gary Johnson & Johnson FL
Stasny, Dianna Nationwide E & S MN
Stebbings, Glenn LogistIQ Insurance Solutions CA
Stebbings, Wesley LogistIQ Insurance Solutions CA
Steele-Junk, Chamaine McGriff Insurance Services FL
Stephenson, Keith Southern Insurance Underwriters GA
Stieg, Walter Stieg & Associates MT
Stoik, Pat Great American Insurance Group OH
Stone, Shelley Benton and Parker Co. GA
Strasil, Ryan National Indemnity Company NE
Stringer, Teresa Seacoast Underwriters FL
Sturdivant, Randy Vertical Alliance Group TX
Suarez, Ronald Seneca Insurance Company NJ
Sutton, Michael GreenRoad Insurance FL
Tambs, Nathan ProSight Specialty Insurance TX
Tanner, Keith IOA Risk Services FL
Tarver, Rebecca Auto-Owners Insurance FL
Tatro, Lisa TIAdvisors FL
Taylor, Buddy Burns & Wilcox TX
Taylor, Dida Risk Placement Services IN
Taylor, Evan AmWINS Group IN
Tejkl, Kate Hallmark Financial Services IL
Thieber-Axelrod, Michele TIAdvisors GA
Thiele, Emily National Indemnity Company NE
Thompson, Garrett Rush Truck Insurance Services TX
Timmermann, Billy Timmermann Insurance NC
Tiwana, Harman Golden Land Transportation Insurance CA
Toth, John Seneca Insurance Company WI
Touchstone, Bryan AmWINS Group MO
Trent, Steve Triumph Insurance Group TX
Trent, Zach ProSight Specialty Insurance NJ
Triola, Jennie CRC / SCU TX
Turko, Alek 5Star Specialty Programs FL
Turner, Blake Heritage Insurance Service KY
Tyburski, Matthew IAT Insurance Group NC
Ucchino, Jeffrey Protective Insurance IN
Uleman, Larry National Indemnity Company CA
Umbright, Christina Commercial Insurance Solutions OH
Uniacke, Gail IAT Insurance Group NC
Usry, Parker Great American Insurance Group NC
Van Dam, Marc The Campbell Group MI
Vander Wal, Amanda National Indemnity Company NE
Vandewater, Daniel Safeguard Agency NY
Vaughan, Wendy TIAdvisors FL
Veitch, Grant Associated Agencies IL
Visaggio, Kristin Strategic Insurance Underwriters FL
Vitale, Danielle ISO NJ
Voellinger, Adrien TrueNorth Companies IA
Vowels, Devin Raymond Nelson Insurance KY
Vowels, Troy Raymond Nelson Insurance KY
Walker, Myndee TrueNorth Companies IA
Wallace, Chuck HDV Insurance CA
Wallace, Lea McGriff Insurance Services GA
Walls, Kevin TBS Factoring Services OK
Walton, Mark Gorilla Safety TX
Warthan, Lisa Creative Underwriters IN
Watson, Chadwick McGriff Insurance Services GA
Watson, Misty Triumph Insurance Group TX
Wattigny, Jeffrey TIAdvisors TX
Weiss, Kerry CTC Transportation Insurance Services NE
Welch, Lou Nationwide E & S MN
Welker, Maryann Protective Insurance IN
Wenzelman, Justin Cottingham & Butler IA
Whitehouse Gootee, Angela Bolton & Company KY
Whitener, Rachel AmWINS Group TX
Wichmann, Scott Haylor Freyer & Coon NY
Wiecek, Tom Paramount Agency NC
Wigginton, Phillip Nationwide E & S AZ
Willenbring, Cherie TIAdvisors FL
Williams, Tanya The Campbell Group FL
Wilson, Cecil Great American Insurance Group NC
Wilson, Lorri Phelan Insurance Agency OH
Wilson, Ryan National Indemnity Company NE
Wilson, Vicki TrueNorth Companies IA
Winter, Richard ProSight Specialty Insurance NJ
Wiser, Brenda Marsh McLennan Agency FL
Witmer, Aaron Secura Insurance Companies IA
Wood, Adam Risk Placement Services GA
Woodruff, Candy ATA Work Comp Fund AL
Woods, John Nationwide E & S AZ
Woods, Melissa Shelly, Middlebrooks & O’Leary FL
Yankelewitz, Shuie Central Analysis Bureau
Yester, Jack Risk Placement Services AL
Yockel, Steven RT Specialty NJ
Zimmerman, Stacey USI Insurance IL


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