Risky Business – 4 Insurance Mistakes Owner-Operators Should Avoid

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Articles, Risky Business Expedite Truck Insurance Advice

Sean M. Lyden posted this E.O. interview with “Risky Business” Shelly Benisch (CIS) advising Expediters and Truckers on the 4 Insurance Mistakes Owner Operators Should Avoid.

Be sure to check out more of Sean M. Lyden’s informative expedited freight “In the News” Expediters Online articles for Everything Owner Operators and Fleet Owners Need to Know.

Sean also has a great website called strategy & storytelling which includes impressive insight and specific tips on persuasive communication skills for the successful entrepreneur.  Short, pithy and honest hard knocks advice for anyone looking for help in presenting their services by developing compelling stories.

Sean’s blogs make me think of a young Scott Adams (Dilburt) and his blogs on the art of persuasion.

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