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Last Modified: April 16, 2024

Truckers Lost Revenue Downtime when someone else hits YOU is not always clearcut.

Truckers who have had a NAF (Not At Fault) Accident experience know it’s not so easy to recover your true Lost Revenue with the other insurance company.


Downtime Coverage can be added to most Commercial Trucking policies.

When you purchase Downtime Coverage on your own policy your insurance company quickly compensates you after you’ve caused an accident.

This process is typically hassle-free.   Claims handles everything with no need for Agents’ intervention.


But How Does Truckers Lost Revenue Downtime Pay Out if Someone Hits You?


However, the situation changes when someone else is at fault and your unit is out of commission.

Yes, their Insurance Company will cover the repair expenses, but who ensures you receive compensation for your real Loss of Use or Lost Revenue?

One thing to bear in mind is the at-fault party’s Insurance Company will not be overly eager to compensate you for your lost revenue or even make you aware such compensation exists.

How then can you get what you justly deserve?


Quite honestly, it’s a challenging task because every claim and its circumstances are unique.

Fortunately it’s not something you deal with daily, but we do.

A dedicated Agent, who deals with such matters regularly can extend Claims Assistance to you as YOUR representative.

Your agent will assist you in determining the amount you’re owed for the Loss of Use of your vehicle after a NAF accident.


This benefit is not provided by your Insurance Carrier or your insurance policy.

Rather, it’s a service your Professional Trucking Agent provides if they genuinely care for you.


It’s prudent to touch base with your Agent BEFORE you need help with NAF lost revenue to confirm this is a complimentary service they offer.

Learn more about Downtime here, then give us a call at CIS where assistance calculating the Downtime you deserve is always free.


  • 2002 Founder and CEO of Commercial Insurance Solutions, Inc., Shelly Benisch specializes in providing Commercial Truck Insurance for owner operators and small motor carriers. Both CIS and TRS certified, She also writes a free educational trucking insurance advice blog dedicated to the little guy.

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