What is Progressive Smart Haul?

Electronic Logging Devices used for Progressive Smart Haul Program for Truckers

Last Modified: June 20, 2023

Here’s what you need to know about Progressive Smart Haul:

Smart Haul is a program that allows Small Motor Carriers and Owner Operators the opportunity to save between 5% and 20% on their truck insurance by allowing Progressive access to their Electronic Logging Device – ELD.

Current average savings for Owner Operators with Smart Haul is $1,179 per year.

The Smart Haul program can be applied to both new and current Progressive Insurance policyholders.

Customers with a partner vendor ELD (GeoTab, Motive or Omnitracts) will receive an instant 5% savings.   All others will save 3%.

Check with your  CIS Truck Insurance Broker to see whether you can qualify for additional savings of up to 20%.

Here’s what you need to qualify for Progressive Smart Haul:


  1. Your own USDOT Number
  2. Your own actively plugged in ELD  
  3. Primary Commercial Auto Liability on a “For Hire” vehicle


Cargo Vans and Sprinters can qualify for Progressive Smart Haul
Cargo Vans and Sprinters can qualify for Progressive Smart Haul

Smart Haul is usually applied to larger trucks like Semis and Straight Box Trucks, but Cargo Vans and Sprinters can also qualify for Progressive Smart Haul as long as they have these 3 criteria.

Here’s how Progressive Smart Haul works:

The Smart Haul application obtains your permission for Progressive to retrieve, retain and use the driving data from your Electronic Logging Device – ELD.

The application itself confirms the use of an ELD and any historical driving data, and this is what determines the amount of credit applied to the policy.

If you’ve just purchased an ELD or are a new venture without sufficient data to track, you can still receive the minimum credit of 5% off the bat.

If you have positive driving data you would likely receive much more, depending on how safe your driving is relative to your peer group.  An underwriting assessment occurs before each renewal cycle.

What if I don’t qualify for Progressive Smart Haul?

Snapshot ProView is another Progressive Insurance program that allows any business with commercial vehicles to save a minimum of 5% on their premium.  Progressive provides the device and you simply plug it into your vehicle.

Electronic Logging Devices aren’t the only way to save money on your commercial truck insurance.  Start with these 5 Tips on finding the Best Commercial Truck Insurance or just give us a call at CIS.  We love to chat about ways to save money on truck insurance!






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